DCIS treatment

DCIS Treatment

This website is dedicated to women diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) and providing them with information that will help them choose the best possible DCIS treatment.

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Our focus is to reveal what we view as a deeply flawed “standard of care” and help women understand that doctors disagree about many aspects of DCIS and DCIS treatment.


On this site, you will find articles, research studies, thoughtful treatment options, a testimonial, and the opinions of breast cancer specialists. We believe the information contained on this site is essential to making a good decision about how to treat your DCIS.


This site was created by one woman diagnosed with DCIS who was deeply disappointed and shocked by how she was handled by her doctors and who felt that basic information was purposely withheld from her.


We believe many women are not provided basic facts about DCIS and are receiving, in large numbers, surgical treatments that are unnecessary and harmful.


This site is not promoting any product or treatment. It is not for profit and 100% of all donations are used to maintain and promote this site.